Tuesday 26 March 2024

Trip to Aceh 2024

Hi Semua just nak share
Trip ke Aceh-Sabang yang kitaorang just pergi
pada Feb2024 yang lepas. 

Kami pergi backpack je
Sewa motor. Setel!
Then survey2 apa patut
Trip ni 5H4M.

Ni video apa yang ada.Hahah
Tak pandai sangat buat video.

Seriously Worth it every penny we spent here!
Thanks to My Wife for make it happen <3 

Bawah ni our intenarry masa pergi Aceh
My Wife made it!

Banda Aceh - Sabang, INDONESIA (24-28 Feb 2024)


Attractions & Address

Fees & Expenses

Other remarks

Day 1

(24 Feb)

8.10am - Arrival @ Banda Aceh

                 - Custom declaration + simcard + snacks

9.00am – Move to Pelabuhan Ulee Lheue

11.00am  - Take ferry to Balohan

12.00am – Arrive at Balohan Jetty

                 - Pick up scooter (Vario 150)

1.00pm – Check-in @ Freddie’s Beach Resort

               - Jamak Zohor & Asar

3.00pm – Visit Kilometer Zero Monument

4.30pm – Go to Iboih beach & Gua Sarang

6.00pm – Dinner @ Aceh Heritage Village

7.00pm - Back to Freddies

8.00pm – Lepak @ Menara Merah Putih


Taxi from airport (Rp.160k)

Rp.100k/pax (kapal cepat – 45mins)







Grab not allowed from airport.



*suggest to choose room with A/C

*bring hand-held fan (scorching hot)




Day 2

(25 Feb)


6.00am - Subuh prayer & sunrise

6.30am - Full-day dolphin sighting & snorkeling with Jul

2.00pm - Back @ Freddies & rest

5.00pm – Lepak @ Sabang Fair

7.00pm – Dinner @ Menara Merah Putih




Ig: zulkifli_ijull


Locals suggest to try Mie Sedap restaurant & Sate Gurita



Day 3

(26 Feb)

6.00am – Subuh

7.00am - Jalan2 @ Japanese fort, Anoi Itam beach

9.00am - Back to Freddies & breakfast

10.00am - Prepare to Check-out

12.00pm - Take ferry back to Banda Aceh

2.00pm - Take scooter from Ulee Lheue Jetty to Hotel Amel

              - Jamak Zuhur & Asar

4.00pm - Masjid Baitur-Rahman

5.00pm – Ngopi @ SYR Coffee

8.00pm - Jumpa Abang Haikal INCEIF & dinner at  Sate Apaleh Geurugok






Rp35k/pax (kapal lambat – 1 ½ hour)













*can’t wear pants to go inside

Day 4


(27 Feb)

6.00am - Subuh

8.00am – Coffee @ Solong Coffee

9.00am - Museum Tsunami Aceh

10.30am - 2.00pm - Aceh State Museum

12.00pm - Lunch @ Wong Solo

1.00pm – Back @ hotel, prayer

3.00pm – PLTD Apung

5.00pm - Lampuuk Beach & Dinner @ Kuala Seafood

9.00pm – Lepak @ Premium Coffee Station Banda Aceh

10.00pm - Balik Hotel & Rest












Day 5

(28 Feb)

6.00am - Subuh

8.00am – Shopping @ Peunayong & Pasar Aceh

10.00am - Warung Kopi SYR

11.30am – Back to hotel & ready to check out

12.30pm – Check-out, buy lunch, return scooter & head to airport




Things to note:

-          In Sabang, better to book room with A/C, the sea breeze will not be able to cool you down at night. The hotels i.e Freddies & CasaNemo is open to public and very near to the city centre. If you want to do a lot of water activities, advised to find accommodation near Iboih beach.

-          Don’t wear pants (ladies only) if you want to visit Masjid, they will give sarong before entering.

-          Most parking will need to pay the ‘parking guy’ Rp1k-2k as token of appreciation. 

Link for Itinerary 

Link for GMaps Location

Untuk package masa dekat sabang
kami ambil dengan bro ijul

IG: zulkifli_ijul.

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